AGM Minutes 2018

Lo Crispin Residents Cultural Association

9th Annual General Meeting of Lo Crispin and District Cultural Association


Held at the Tavern Lo Crispin.
There being 52 members present the meeting opened at 11am.

23rd March 2018

No of Members present:  34                        Meeting Commenced: 11am
As per the constitution the quorum for the AGM states there should be 20% of the total listed members in attendance (50 members required)as there were only 34 members present Charlie Robertson (currently caretaker president) asked the members if they were happy to continue, all were in agreement.
Colin Ranson was asked to summarise last years events.
Before referring to the Association activities, Colin wanted to thank all the committee and the members for their continued support and in particular the support shown to Colin and Beryl when they moved back to Lo Crispin in October last year. Due to ill health Colin has decided to take a step back from the Presidents role, so he can spend more time with his family.

The Association continues to thrive with new members joining us in 2017, which is very encouraging and it indicates that we are doing some things right.
Every month in 2017 we had an event or coach trip running, The Car Rally in the early part of 2017 was a huge success again, with 21 cars out on the roads. We had the trip to Lorca, a Mystery Tour which took us to the Island of Tabarca, a stroll around Santa Pola and then a visit to the Elche shoe factory (Salvador Artesano)before making our last stop at the Elche Palmera.
A fabulous four-day trip to Jerez, Sevilla, Cadiz and Antequera in April was a memorable experience and the 55 members were treated to a Four-Star Hotel (this was a one off, due to the original hotel being fully booked)
A return trip to the ever-popular Cuenca was arranged for September.
In the New Beer Garden at The Tavern the Association organised a Cabaret Night with Carla Stone performing as Bette Midler. At this point Colin acknowledged that there were issues with people being unable to hear Carla, this problem is now being resolved and David will have more Speakers in the beer garden to ensure everyone can hear!
The Taverns Got Talent was a huge success and a fun night for all.
We saw the 4th Murder Mystery, and of course the traditional Christmas party with Carol Singers and Live entertainment and a free buffet for all members.
Colin then asked everyone to show their appreciation to the committee, David and the Staff for all their hard work.

For 2017 the Association has raised 3000€ for local charities –
€1000 to Alpe school
€1000 to Torrevieja Alzheimer’s
€1000 to Algorfa social services for the needy in Algorfa (350€ was collected in a bucket at the Tavern)
Lastly, Colin wished to thank Charlie, the committee past and present, David and all the members of the Association for supporting throughout his 9 years of being president.



Syd Kingston, treasurer, presented the figures for the accounts for 2017, all members present agreed


  1. Nomination for President – No Nominations received, Charlie Robertson has offered to carry on.

All members present agreed
b) Nomination for Vice President – Colin Ranson.
All members present agreed

  1. Nomination for Secretary – Yvette Cooper.

All members present agreed

  1. Nomination for Treasurer was not required as Syd Kingston has agreed to continue in this role.

All members present agreed

As per the constitution 6 members are required
All members of the present committee were prepared to stay on apart from John and Christine Pratt, as they are moving away from Lo Crispin.
Nomination for Committee Member – Vikki Widdows.
All members present agreed

The committee have proposed that going forward we should lookat fixingmembership to 5€ per person. Non-members will still be welcome but will pay 2€ above the ticket price should they wish to attend a function.
All members present agreed
Alpe School for Children with Special Needs
Algorfa Infants School
Individuals in need of assistance (as approved by the committee)
All members present approved and agreed to all 3 proposals

APPROVAL OF REVISION 1 OF “Lo Crispin and District Cultural Association”
All members present agreed
No other amendments to the constitution proposed

The Association have been asked if we can make a list of people that are willing to help others on Lo Crispin, whether it be driving to the shops/hospital/ a translator for the hospital in an emergency etc. Jan Harding has said she will gladly hold the list and be the main point of contact
Vikki Widdows has asked if we can organise someone to do Spanish lessons at the Tavern. It was pointed out that this has been done before, however, Charlie has said he will look into this for us.

Can Lo Crispin start a pétanque team? Whilst we can not start a league team (4 lanes are required,The Tavern only has 2) Anyone can start their own team up
George Ferris has asked if the committee would consider organising a midweek break to the Costa Del Sol. Charlie and the committee have noted this, and welcomed any other suggestions for future trips/events
There were no other items raised.
Everyone was thanked for attending:                                Meeting Closed at 11.31am