AGM Minutes 2015

Lo Crispin Residents Cultural Association

Annual General Meeting
Wednesday 22nd April 2015. First call 10 am

Held at the Tavern Lo Crispin


1.             Presidents Address
2.             Presentation of Accounts and income and expenditure for the year 2014-2015
3              To present and discuss proposals as follows:
3/1. To change the Constitution of the Association to reflect the changes made over the last Year.
3/2. To approve the free membership of the Association and, but to ask for a voluntary donation of €5 which will go directly to our chosen charity.
3. Approve the purchase of outdoor gym equipment for the park area.
4.             Election of Officers and Committee members.
5,             Any other Business.

Welcoming address by the President.

On behalf of myself and the Committee of the Association we would like to welcome and thank you for your attendance today to our 6th AGM.

Much has happened since we formed the Association in 2010 where we set out to have 3 main aims, which were:
1.             to raise funds to improve facilities on Lo Crispin
2,             to organise social events for the members and guests
3.             to raise funds for local charities.

To date we have spent over €8000 euros on improvements to Lo Crispin including the €6000 spent on what we now call the association Gardens, with a further €1500 being spent this year. We have also spent money on contractors to prune and clean these gardens.
We have also raised over €8000 for various charities over the last 5 years. Last October we were able to take 35 Children and carers from 3 children’s care homes for an all expenses paid day out at Terra Mitica. We intend to do the same again this year.
Day’s out have included trips to Madrid, Caravaca, Cartegena, Aquilas Carnaval, Aquillas boat trip,Jalon Valley, A mystery coach tour as well as 2 car rallies, An evening at the Pantomime and of course our Christmas dinner. We also had a 3 day trip to Granada.
We organised and held the Lo Crispin Garden Fete which was hugely popular and raised €1800 in just one afternoon.

We have a busy year ahead also, with our next event being on the 23rd May which again will be the Lo Crispin Village Fete. This promises to be a bigger event than last year as we will have more craft stalls, and fund raising stalls along with some classic cars on show, the largest bouncy castle available and a mechanical rodeo bull. We will have live entertainment throughout including singers, dancers, cowboy re enactments, and a police dog demonstration. We will of course have a fully stocked bar and hamburger and hotdog stalls. This is one event you won’t want to miss.
In June we will again have a mystery coach tour which was one of the highlights of last year. In October we have organised a 4 day trip to Barcelona staying in a city centre 3* hotel. We have a lot to look forward to.

Last year another association was formed on Lo Crispin which took on the responsibility for raising funds to improve the urbanisation. The committee agreed that as a result we would become a members club, whereby we would continue to organise fun events and days out and also continue to raise funds for local charities.
It was also agreed by the Committee that as a result, membership to The Lo Crispin Residents Cultural Association would be free as of this year and we would instead invite members to make a voluntary donation of just €5 per person per year which would go to our chosen charity.

Our Association is well respected in Algorfa and because of our continued work with charity, we were awarded a grant from Algorfa Town Hall of €1000. This will enable us to organise something special for our members later this year. Additionally the Town Hall are donating a large Street Map and Notice Board which will be sited adjacent to the first roundabout on the Association Gardens.

We can justifiably be proud of our Association and I would like to thank all the Committee and of course our members for their continual support and hard work.

Agenda Item 2

Presentation of accounts for the period May 2014 – April 2015

Our Treasurer, Mr Syd Kingston will now present the accounts and on completion members will be given the opportunity to ask questions. The full accounts are available for members to inspect at the end of the meeting.

ANY QUESTIONS regarding the accounts.


Votes in favour …42…………..     Votes against …0……………


1.             To ammend the Constitution to reflect the fact that we have changed one of the aims of the aims of the Association.
Proposed by The Committee.

Following the formation of the “Friends of Lo Crispin” and the fact that they would raise funds to improve Lo Crispin it was discussed at length by the Committee that our members would be unfairly contributing to the cause as the Membership fee paid by our members was going directly to fund improvements, and they would be in essence be paying twice compared members of the “Friends of Lo Crispin.
The Committee therefore decided that we would cease to raise funds for this cause as of August 2014. We now have to seek your approval to alter the CONSTITUTION OF THE ASSOCIATION to reflect this change.

Any Questions


Votes for ……41……………………..     Votes Against ………………0………

Proposal 2.

To change the Membership Fee for The Association from €10 per person per year to Free Membership with a request for voluntary donation of €5 per person per year to go to our chosen charity.

As stated previously ”The Friends of Lo Crispin” have taken on the task of raising monies for improving the Urbnisation. This has meant that our previous membership fee of €10 annually will no longer be used to fund improvements to the Urbanisation.
One of our other aims of the Association is to raise funds for our chosen charities therefore it was suggested that we make our Association free to join but ask members to make a voluntary donation of €5 annually to be used for this cause.



Votes for ………41…………             Votes against ………0………..


To spend up to €1500 on Communal Gym Equipment for the urbanisation.

Last year it was agreed at the AGM not spend money raised from membership during 2014 on the Urbanisation.
This means that as membership fees were to be used for improvements to the Urbanisation we now have to decide on what we spend this sum on.
The committee suggest that we spend it on purchasing gym equipment “for the not so young”.


Votes for …41…………………   Votes against …0……………..



The present Committee is as follows;

President:   COLIN RANSON
VicePresident: Patricia Walker
Treasurer / Secretary Syd Kingston

Committee Members:
            John Pratt
            John Henderson
            Steve Harrington
            Jenny Tinkler
            Jayne Lewis
            Lucy Ongly
As per the constitution of the Association The Officers of the Committee serve for 3 years and have to be re-elected at the end of that period. As the Present Officers have served only 2 years of the current term they do not have to be re-elected at this time.
All 3 Officers are willing to continue for a further year.

Committee members serve for a year at a time and then have to be re-elected.
The present 6 Committee members have stated that they are willing to serve out another year.

The floor as asked if any one else wishes to join the Committee. There being no other volunteers a vote was taken to elect the present Committee to serve for a further year.

Votes in favour …………41…………….   Votes against ……0……………


Any Other Business.        

We plan to have a full programme of trips and events throughout the coming year. Our next event will be The Lo Crispin Village Fete which as mentioned earlier will feature Live Bands, Singer, The Pistoleroes, A police dog display, bouncy castles, Rodeo Machine, Lots of craft stalls as well as our fund raising stalls. And of course the fully stocked bar and barbeque. Much work has already been done for the event but we obviously will need more help on the day as well as members to to collect bric a brac , bottles for the Bottle stall and tombolla stalls. We also require the help of people to bake cakes for our cake stall. If you know of any stallholders who would wish to have a stall at the event, then let us know.
If you can help in this regard can you let us know at the end of the Meeting,

We have another Mystery trip planned for late June/ early July and this proved very popular last year. This year there will be further suprises for those that ish to go. Exact dates to be decided shortly.

We will be organising trip to Barcelona on Oct 17th. This will be 4 day stay in a 3 star City Centre hotel. The cost only 219 euros each. Let us know if you are interested.

The Christmas dinner will be organised for Friday 11th December.
Mr John Pratt asked if the Association would be willing to reimburse him for the sum of €50 which he had spent on equipment for the Association Walking Football Team. After a brief discussion it was agreed to Reimburse him and also give him a further €50 for future expenses.                                            Agreed unanimously

Mr Trevor Chapman asked if the Association would continue to maintain the Association Gardens. It was agreed that we would continue to maintain the area as at present,

There being no other business, the President thanked all the attendees and the Committee for their continued hard work throughout the previous years. He then closed the meeting at 11.40am.