AGM Minutes 2013
Lo Crispin Residents Cultural Association
Annual General Meeting
Tuesday 30th April 2013. First Call 10-30 am

The President opened the meeting at 10-40am with 61 persons present. He welcomed all present and thanked them for attending.
The agenda for the meeting was read out to those present and was as shown below.
Agenda:            1.  President’s Address
2. To present and discuss the accounts and expenditure for the year May 2012 to April 1st 2013.
                          3.   To review and discuss the proposed budget for the year May 2013 to April 2014.
                          4.   To present and discuss proposals as follows:
                     a.   To open a Advice Centre in the Commercial Centre to assist all Residents of Lo Crispin
                                    b. To help form a Club for children and teenagers and to donate €200 to help it set up.
                          5.    To discuss future plans and events for the coming year.
                          6.    To elect Officers of the Association to serve for the next 3 years. And to ask for
                                    volunteers to form a Committee.

The President then proceeded to Agenda Item 1 and gave his welcoming address as follows:       

Welcoming address by the President.

On behalf of myself and the Committee of the Association I would like to welcome and thank you all for attending today for what is our  forth AGM. I especially extend a warm welcome to those who have come along this morning to find out more about the Association and I will endeavor to explain how and why the Association exists and what its aims are.
The Association was formed in 2010 and has up to 200 members, mostly from Lo Crispin. It is a fully registered Association registered with the Office de Gestion Tributaria, Alicante.
The Association has 3 main aims and these are:

The Association Committee also organize  a number of fund raising events as well as the hugely successful annual Lo Crispin Fiesta which to date has raised over €5000 for local charities.
Each member pays an annual subscription which is solely used to provide funds to improve facilities on the urbanization and is not used for any other purpose.
 Additional funds are raised by various means such as raffles and draws and the annual Lo Crispin Fiesta. Any profits from these events are divided equally between the Association and local charities. The coach trips and other events are self financing and are paid for by those attending. Because we hire the coach for the trips and not just booking seats the Association is able to decide where we go on the trip and our price to members is always cheaper than you could get from any of the coach firms direct. Members also get their seats at discounted rates.
The Association has a Committee consisting of The President, a Vice President, a Secretary, and a Treasurer, additionally we have up to a further 6 Committee members. All of those I have mentioned are volunteers and do not receive payment of any kind. Membership of the Association is open to anyone over the age of 16yrs and they do not have to live on Lo Crispin urbanization.
Last year the Association spent over €6000 on giving the garden adjacent to the first roundabout a complete makeover, which included completely weeding the area, laying an underlay to prevent further weeds and then laying over 160 tons of coloured stones. The works were carried out by approximately 15 members of the Association and they were greatly assisted by 8 workers loaned to us from the Town Hall. Since this work was carried out the gardens are regularly sprayed with weed killer paid for and carried out by the Association. I think you will agree that this has made a great difference and greatly improved the area.
Members have had the opportunity during the past year to enjoy a vast number of social events and outings. We organized and celebrated the Queens Silver Jubilee with a party which lasted all afternoon and into the evening in the newly refurbished garden. The live entertainment and the bar facilities provided by the Tavern attracted over 300 people from the urbanization.
We also arranged a number of coach outings, visiting places such as the Caves of Candelabra, Buscot, The coal mines at Cartagena, an evening out at the Benidorm Palace, a three day trip to Cuenca, A trip to Cartagena to witness the Battle between the Romans and Cartegenians. An Association Christmas dinner and dance was arranged at the Coopers Arms where 76 members had a great evening out which proved to be superb value.
The annual Lo Crispin Fiesta planned for August presented the Committee with a number of last minute headaches the first being that with just 3 days notice before the event was due to take place we received a phone call to tell us that the medieval market could not attend. This resulted in a very hastily arranged meeting where it was decided that due to insufficient time we would have to postpone the Fiesta and arrange another date in approx 4-6 weeks.
One week before the Fiesta was due to open on the new date we were cursed again when TKO Radio told us they were going off air and therefore could not compare the Fiesta, this resulted in yet another hastily called meeting which resulted in us getting Bay Radio to stand in at the last minute. Finally the Fiesta opened on Friday with The sound of the Torrevieja Pipes and drums and masses of people arriving to enjoy the first nights entertainment, however curse number 3 was about to strike as the heavens opened and forced us to abort the evenings fun. The second day of the Fiesta was cold and resulted in a vastly reduced audience and Sunday again saw reduced numbers due to the cold. The net result of all this was that we just managed to record a small profit.
We sincerely hope that this year’s fiesta which is planned to take place on Friday and Saturday 9th and 10th August goes as planned. We have arranged for the Town Hall to sign a contract with the Medieval Market and we have been working closely with Bay Radio who will be comparing the 2 day event. Many acts have already agreed to attend so make a note of the dates so that you don’t miss out on a great weekend.
As you will hear shortly the income for last year was way down on previous years due to the problems associated with the Fiesta and it has resulted in the Association being unable to provide for large projects to be undertaken on the urbanization or for us to donate as much to our chosen charity as we have in the past. It was decided by the committee that it would be better to retain the money in the bank for the time being and we hope that this meets with your approval.
Given that many people from the urbanization have returned to the UK during the past year membership of the Association has remained fairly static at around 180 members. However we are now beginning to see more and more new members joining which is very encouraging.
The most talked about topic on the Urbanization this year has undoubtedly been the opening of the night market at the commercial centre and we as the Association have played a large part in supporting the venture and as a result we will shortly be sharing an office with the owner of the market so that we can have a base to work from. I will expand on this shortly.
The committee have also been busy arranging events and trips for this year and I will outline these shortly also.
Also this last year saw the introduction of a help group for members and several members have received help when needed. We hope to expand these services further during the coming year.
We are a very active organization who regularly liaise with the Town Hall and the Local Police and as the largest Association in Algorfa we are held in high esteem within these organizations.
The Committee work hard to try to give the members what they want and we are always  pleased to hear any suggestions that you, the members may have.
For those of you are not already members I hope that the introduction that you have just heard has inspired you to join so that we may continue to achieve our objectives and aims, if this is the case then you can join the Association today after the meeting is closed. Membership renewals and coach bookings will also be taken at this time.
Before we move on to the next item on the agenda I would like to thank the whole Committee for their hard work and dedication throughout the last year, without which we could not operate, Finally we the Committee, congratulate and thank you, the members and indeed the many non members who have given their support during the last year. We look forward to your help and support in the coming year. Thank you.

After calling for any questions regarding his address, to which there were none, he moved onto Agenda Item

Approval of Accounts from April 2012 to April 2013
The Treasurer of the Association, Mr Syd Kingston presented the accounts from May 2012 – April 1st 2013. He explained the various expenditure and income over the year and stated the amount of funds held by the Association to date. He also stated that if anyone wanted to inspect the accounts at any time they could do so.
On completion of the presentation, questions were invited from the floor. No questions were received and a vote was called for to accept the accounts. Votes in Favour  61,Votes Aainst 0.
The President then moved onto Agenda Item 3.

To present the proposed budget for the coming year April 2013- April 2014
The President stated that it is estimated that the Association would require a budget of  €1500 which will enable us to finance the Fiesta in August. It will also allow us to purchase essentials for the maintenance of the garden area such as weed killer and other essential items and services.
As we do not intend to finance large projects this year we consider the sum of €1500 to be sufficient for the coming year.
The President then invited questions from the Floor. No questions were received. A vote to accept the budget was taken and carried unanimously. Votes For 61.   Votes Against 0

The meeting then went to Agenda Item 4
To present and discuss proposals received.
Proposal 1.  To open an advice centre in the Commercial Centre to assist all residents of Lo Crispin. (Proposed by the Committee).
The President stated that due to our close working relationship with the owner of the night market, we have been offered space in the market office to operate from rent free. To make full use of this generous offer it was suggested that we operate an advice centre for residents of Lo Crispin. The idea is that we man the office during certain times whilst the market is open on a Tuesday and Friday evening where we could then be available for residents to visit. It would also encourage further membership of the Association. It is hoped that the office will be manned by volunteers.
Questions were invited from the Floor: No questions were received and a vote to accept the proposal was undertaken.  Votes in Favour  61..       Votes against  0… carried unanimously.

The meeting moved on to Proposal 2

To Help form some sort of youth activity for youngsters and teenagers to partake in, as there are no activities on the urbanisation for them to enjoy at present and to donate €200 toward setting it up..  
The President stated that the Committee had been asked if it would be possible to organise something for the youngsters of the urbanisation to enjoy.
After discussing various ideas with some of them it became clear that they would like to get involved with building a go cart. Alan Whitley and the President had looked into the feasibility of building one and have managed to source all parts needed. cost would be approximately €400. After discussions with the owner of the Torrivieja Tool Hire Centre, he has kindly offered to finance the project and supply us with 3 engines.
It was envisaged that once the go cart is built a club could be formed so that the young members can learn about building and maintaining karts as well as monthly outings to a go kart tracks so that they can enjoy driving and racing them. They could also visit other places of interest if they wished. It would require the parents to form and run the club and the Association would assist and donate a sum of €200 if approval is given at this AGM.
Questions were invited from the Floor.
It was asked if the club would be solely for children from the urbanisation. After discussion it was felt that it should be open to all children who wished to belong to it, however the final decision would be for the club members and leaders to decide.
A vote was then held to approve the proposal.
Votes in Favour   61..                Votes Against ..0..    Proposal was approved.
The meeting moved to Agenda Item 5
To Elect Officers and Committee members for the coming year.
The President explained that as per the requirements of the Constitution of the Association, members are required to elect the following Officers of the Association who are elected to serve for a period of 3 years.

President:    Presently held by Colin Ranson           
Vice President:  Post held by Tricia Walker (Held post since 2012 AGM)
Secretary: Post presently held by Antonia Ramball
Treasurer:    Post presently held by Syd Kingston

The President further explained that this meant that the Posts of President, Treasurer and Secretary were now due for election. He continued by informing those present that all the Present Officers were willing to stand for election again for the following 3 yrs, However if there were any other nominees present then we will carry out elections for the relevant posts.
The President asked if there were any further nominees, and none were forthcoming. He asked the members if they agreed that the present President, Treasurer and Secretary be allowed to remain in post for the next 3 years. This was accepted unanimously.

The President then informed those present that to comply with the Association Constitution the Committee must be elected each year. He stated that the following Committee members have volunteered to serve for a further year:

Tony Hands,  Lucy Ongly, Jane Lewis, Jenny Tinkler he also had received a further 3 nominees to serve on the Committee for the year 2013-2014. The nominees were   Steve Harrington,  Roger Mole, and Wendy Holmes.

The President asked the floor if they were happy to accept all the above named members to form the Committee for the year.  There were no objections raised therefore the above named persons are the Committee for 2013-2014. The President then thanked all past Committee members for their extremely valuable efforts which had been very much appreciated by himself and the members. He also stated that he was looking forward to working with the new Committee.
The final Agenda Item 6 was to announce and discuss the Future Plans and Events. The President read out the following planned events for the rest of the year.

Future Plans and Events
Thursday 2nd May   10.00 – 12.00 am Coffee Morning in aid of Charity. Hostess is Jane who lives at 43 Avd Naciones. Please come along and meet new friends and enjoy a chat with coffee and cakes.
May 13th -16th Coach trip to Cordoba, Ecija, Seville and Antequera. 4 days half board in a 3 star hotel, luxury coach travel and tour guide.  There are 4 places available, price €195 each. However all monies must be paid to me by Friday 3rd May..
The Association will organize and host a Country and Western barbecue in the refurbished Gardens on Sunday 9th June from 12.30 to 7pm. Full bar facilities, barbeque burgers, hotdogs etc. Live music and a western theme parade featuring the Pistoleros.  Make a note of the date , you wont want to miss it. All profits will be divided between the Association (to use for improvements to Lo Crispin) and our local charity.
A great day out is being planned for Friday 26th July to Denia and Javier. The trip will include a boat trip and a free picnic. The coach will leave from Lo Crispin at about 8.30am arriving in Denia at approx 10 am . At 11 am we will embark on a boat trip lasting for approx. 2hrs.  Before arriving at Javier we will stop for a picnic and drinks. We will return to Lo Crispin at approx 6pm.  Cost approx €20 for members and €24 for non members (More details will be announced shortly)
August 9th and 10th (Friday & Saturday) 4-30pm – Midnight. The annual Lo Crispin Fiesta incorporating a Medieval Market, Other stalls and a full evening of live entertainment. Proceeds to Association and local charity.
September / October / November further trips and outings will be arranged.
December 13th – The Association Christmas Dinner and Dance will be held at the Coopers Arms.
The president explained that Association Members enjoy cheaper trips than non members so if anyone present was not already a member or membership had lapsed then those present could join or renew membership straight after the meeting.  He continued by stating that membership is only €10 per year  which is used exclusively to improve facilities on Lo Crispin.  By becoming a member YOU WILL BE HELPING US TO MAKE LO CRISPIN A BETTER PLACE..
The meeting moved to any other business and those present were reminded that any proposals that are presented during any other business cannot be voted upon until the next AGM or EGM.
There were no Any Other Business items presented.
Before closing the meeting the president stated that the Committee strive to give the members what they want so if there is an activity or trip that they think should be included in your Association , such as Spanish Lessons, Coffee Mornings etc. then these should be passed to the Committee who would try to include them if possible.
He then thanked everyone for there attendance before closing the meeting at 11-50am.

List of residents and members who attended the meeting.