AGM Minutes 2011
Lo Crispin Residents Cultural Association

Minutes of the Annual General Meeting
Held on Friday 13th May 2011

The Annual general Meeting of the Lo Crispin Residents Cultural Association took place on 13th May 2011 at the Tavern Inn, Lo Crispin. As there were insufficient numbers present at the first call of 10-30am the meeting was opened at 11-00am with 41 members present. Those attending were as follows:






C Ranson   



B Ranson


I Davidson



F Hodson


G Hodson



L Smith


A Smith



M Hayward


A Day



E Barnett


P Wiltshire



B Wiltshire


P Betts



L Ongley


A Ongley



S Kingston


S Kingston



G Finch


T Walker



B Walker


B Platt



D Platt


M Bell



W Bell


S Coyles



J Coyles


B Dwyer



B Freemantle


G Freemantle



R Pownall


Ros Pownall



L Tarling


Y Dodd



M Grey


J Tinkler



B Grey


M Wren



M Hyman


E Hyman



G McKenna


K McKenna





The president, Mr Colin Ranson opened the meeting by welcoming all those attending and thanking them for their time.
He went on to say that during our first year as an association we had achieved a great deal and this was due to the support given by both members and guests that had supported the many events that had been held throughout the past year. Membership had blossomed to almost 200 members. They had enjoyed  various events including car rallies and treasure hunts, picnics in the park, a number of coach outings, a Christmas Dinner and Dance, a children’s Christmas party , A Christmas market and of course our very successful Summer Fiesta.
As well as enjoying the events that had been organised, the Association, through it’s members and guests, had raised over €2500 for various local charities, the majority of which was raised at the Summer Fiesta. We also received a very generous sum of €500 from Lucy at the Christmas Shop in San Luis which helped towards our total.
In addition to the monies that were presented to the charities , the Association also organised a “shoe box” appeal and as a result a very large number of toys and other presents were collected and passed on to the local orphanage at Orihuela.
The Association has also been successful in uniting the various communities and a great number of new friendships have derived from it.
The President stated that he thought that the past year had been an enjoyable and successful one and he thanked the Vice President and Committee for their dedication and hard work and also passed on his sincere thanks to all the members and the guests who have supported the Association by attending and helping out at the various events.
The President then outlined the Agenda for the meeting and introduced the Treasurer to present the first item of the Agenda:
 Agenda item 1.

Present and Approve the Accounts for the period of April 2010-May 2011.

Mr Syd Kingston, the Treasurer of the Lo Crispin Residents Cultural Association presented the accounts for the period April 2010-May 2011. Copies of the accounts were distributed to all attendees.
On completion of the presentation the President asked if members had any questions they would like answered, regarding the accounts. As there were no questions a vote of approval of the accounts was carried out and it was approved by 39 votes for and 2 against that the accounts be approved.   

The President then moved on to the next item of the Agenda.
Agenda item 2.

Acceptance of the Budget for the period May 2011-may 2012.

The President explained that the budget for the year is impossible to predict with any accuracy as the income for the Association is dependant upon the number of members the Association has. Another source of income will be from the various events that are arranged throughout the coming year, additionally we receive a grant annually from the Ayuntamiento of Algorfa.  However The President and committee would expect income to be similar this year to last year.
Expenses for the coming year were discussed and it was proposed that the Association purchase a large map of the Lo Crispin urbanisation be purchased and erected at the entrance to the site. It was also proposed to purchase 2 notice boards for exclusive use of Association Notices.
Votes were taken on both proposals and both proposals were approved unanimously.
The President then proceeded to Agenda item 3.
Agenda item 3.

To elect Officers and Committee for the year May 2012- May 2013

The President explained to the members that the requirements of the Constitution of the Association are that members of the Association are required to elect the following Officers of the Association , who are elected to serve for a period of 3 years from 2010.
President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary. Therefore, normally there would be no requirement to elect any Officers at this meeting, however it was explained that the Vice President had resigned from the position and that it would be necessary to elect a new Vice President at this meeting.
The President then asked for volunteers to fill the vacant position and also explained that he had received a nomination for Mr Graham McKenna to fill the position of Vice President. Additional nominees were asked for but no others were forthcoming. The members were asked if there were any objections to Mr McKenna becoming the new Vice President. A vote of approval was taken and it was passed unanimously that Mr Graham McKenna become the New Vice President.

The President explained that there is a requirement to elect Committee members each year and called for volunteers to fill these positions.
The following Members volunteered to fill these posts:
Mrs Trish Walker
Mrs Pauline Betts
Mrs Lucy Ongley
Mrs Jenny Tinkler
Mr Ray Pownall
A vote of approval was asked for and as there were no objections to the volunteers becoming the new Committee members the vote was passed unanimously.
The meeting then discussed agenda item 4.
Agenda item 4.
Future Plans and events.


The President outlined the events already planned for the coming year and explained that the Association members should have a say as to what they wanted from the organisation and further explained that he had been asked if more coach trips could be organised, as a result of the request a discussion took place and it was proposed that two further trips will be included into this years events. It was suggested that one take place in September which would be a sightseeing tour and that a further trip be arranged to Benidorm Palace in November.
The proposal was voted upon and it was agreed by 37 votes for and 2 against to include these two extra trips in this years outings.

The President asked those present if they had any other business they wished to discuss at the meeting. As there was no further business to discuss the President again thanked those that had attended and all members and guests for supporting their Association throughout the past year.
There being no other business the meeting closed at 11-55am